Mr & Mrs Marquis of Mooresville, NC - They had an unusable porch that was screened in and it collected lots of dust and was not very attractive
looking.  They had expressed a desire to have an all year round room to use for arts and crafts projects and I more than satisfied their needs!
Mr & Mrs Benfield of Lincolnton, NC - They had an unusable poolside area that was forever infested with bugs, wasp and mosquitos because of
their pool.  They wanted a custom-made solution that would enable them to enjoy the outdoors all year round.  In addition to their new room they
also had me install new vinyl replacement windows, soffit and facia.
Right Side
Right Side
With Windows
Left Side With
Sliding Door & Side
Pool Side With 4
Sliding Windows
Pool Side With
Decorative Rock
Beautiful isn't it?
Old Windows
(That's Me)
Internal Grids,
Beautiful Trim, A Truly
Not Much "Curb
True Curb Appeal At
Its Best!
Mr. Blair, Lincolnton, NC. Installed windows, created a new double window opening at no extra charge so that he and his lovely wife may enjoy
more light going into their dining area.  Their home happens to be a single wide trailer with wood siding.  They were extremely happy!
That's me, holding a
double pane vinyl
replacement window
ready to install
Far right side window
has already been
installed while the
two on the left were
not.  See the
Side view of two
windows already
close up of one of
the windows already
Mr. & Mrs Bailey, Charlotte, NC. Installed windows on their home that happens to be 80 years old.  You'll immediately notice the extremely poor
conditions of their windows and the extreme difference once I installed the high quality vinyl replacement windows.  Notice how sharp the outside
is with the special glass I included.
80 year old window,
single pane, foggy
glass, broken screens,
painted shut
Crystal clear view,
what they had
deserved all along!
Upstairs windows
done, notice the
clean trim work
Just another friendly
reminder that I do my
own work!
Mrs Lenny Smith, Iron Station, NC. Installed windows, soffit & fascia and Lenny just loved her new windows and the huge difference it has made on
her monthly fuel bills.
This is a close up of
the left side of their
large front window
before I removed it.  
Notice the poor
condition it is in, very
old, single pane.
That's me, standing
in front of the large
front window I am
about to remove.
Notice the "huge
difference" a new
replacement window
makes, not to mention
the quality trim work.  
Notice also how crystal
clear the glass is.
This is the side of the
house that will also
show the poor
condition of their
Once again, can you
agree with me that I
managed to make
their home look and
feel newer by
installing my
Mr & Mrs Hilton, Mooresville, NC Installed 18 replacement windows on their home that was built at 1912,... in a single day!  They had expressed
serious draft problems and high fuel cost issues.  When I installed their new energy-efficient windows they saw a dramatic drop in their monthly
fuel bills and absolutely no drafts!
This is a close up of
one of the 18 single
pane windows I had
replaced.  Notice
how dirty the glass is,
the left over metal
frame around it from
a previously installed
storm window.
I have already
replaced their
windows and these
are an example of
the improved look.  
They are extremely

when we measure your window openings we are giving you the most exact measurement that will allow for us to custom make a
window for you that will fit in each and every opening, never cheating you of window size, visibility, etc.  In short, you'll never see
us bringing in extra trim wood to fill in gaps!  You deserve the best, most energy-efficient windows available today and we are
here to custom order them for you and install them personally!

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