In the comfort of your own home I can bring you product samples, answer all of your questions and treat you with the
respect and dignity you deserve.  
I DO NOT play any DISHONEST price games like everyone else seems to do such as:

"May I leave a sign out front for 45 days so that I can reduce your price today?"

"Can I borrow your phone so that I can call my manager so that he can authorize a special discount for you while I am in
your home today?"

"We are looking to market a home in your neighborhood and can offer discounted pricing if you do business with us today"

"I'll knock off this much right now so that we can move forward and do business while I am in your home"

QUESTION:  How upset are you when you are treated as if you're stupid?
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Welcome to Ben's Home Improvements.  My name is Benjamin Torres and I am the proud owner and operator of Ben's
Home Improvements.  I am a home based business out of Sherrills Ford, NC so that I may keep my operating cost down
and in doing so I am able to provide you with a significant lower price than most while still providing you high quality
workmanship.  I am a proud member of the Better Business Bureau.  I not only bring pictures of my completed projects
for I also bring many customer testimonials which I haver on video to share with you while I am in your home.

             Ben's Home Improvements
                                                  " Serving You With The Dignity And Respect You Deserve"                            

Surely you or someone you do know has dealt with either a contractor or salesman that has entered your home in an
effort to earn your business.  9 out of 10 times, if not always, they can never seem to show proof of their workmanship,
provide telephone numbers and pictures of their work (Before & After) and not something downloaded from the Internet
that they pass off to you as being their work.    To insult you further while in your home, these other contractors or
remodeling companies start with a high price and keep lowering it until you say yes!  
I bring actual proof of my work with
me that is shown on my laptop computer, IPAD or Smart Phone while I am in your home providing you with a FREE
I have many digital photos of my work along with many video-recorded testimonials from our many happy
customers that
I have served for many years.

What I do is provide you with a professional and respectful presentation of the little company that I proudly own.  I have
no salesman and do not intend on hiring any time soon.  You'll get a fair price, lots of customer testimonials and more
detailed and helpful information than anyone else!  
I will give you a fair price the first time and DO NOT change my price
at all while
I am in your home.  I strongly believe that any person or business that keeps changing their pricing while in
your home is not conducting themselves in an honest and respectful manner.  Simply tell
me "YES" or "NO".  Lets both
keep it simple for the both of us.  Does that makes sense?  
I know you'll agree!